Futurity Nominated Champions

2002 - 2005

Aberdeen Back to the Future
Aberdeen Watseka Truly A Dream
Aberdeen's Time for Jessie
Absolutly Mt Bryton
Alfredrich Rolling Stonehill
Amethyst Semi Sweet Snowcaps by Daisydot
Amethyst Snow Angel By Daisydot
Angeldotz Gem Dandy to RSQ
Angel's Nest High Flying Lady
Anticipation Celebration
Anticipation Inspiration
Anticipation Jubilation
Anticipation Sleeping Beauty
Aphrodite Of Robbsdale
Atlantis' Feather River Belle
Atlantis' Riverboat Gambler
Atlantis-Starwood Travelin' Man
Avalon In Harmony With Satin
Avalon's Riding The Wave
Aviator N Esq Proof Of Concept
Bay Colony's So What
Bay Colony's You Said What
Bearded Oaks Collectible
Bearded Oaks Kiowa Legend
BlackFlash Midnight Star
Bottoms Up Double Shot of Belle Aire
Bret D Ethan Allen Of Clrcrk
Bret D Spot Light On Snow Hill
Brightspot Charismatic
Brightspot Esperanza
Brio Del Rey's American Dream
Brio Del Rey's Dream Breeze
Brio Del Rey's Dream Chase
Brio Del Rey's Magic Holiday
Brio Del Rey's Viva La Dream
Cardel Crown Prince Michael
Caribelles Aragon of Pal
Caribelle's Aragorn Of Pal
Centurion Coopers Brown Juju
Centurion Lady Abby
Centurion Pinnacle Orig Copy
Centurion Splash Of Color
Centurion Sunburst Chiller
Centurion True Colors
Chaucer's Days of Future Past
Checkered Flag Let's Rock
Chequers Joie De Vivre
Choco Chip TCJ Bon Voyage
ChocoChip Cyclone Hattrick
Chocochip Newt's Life Oriley
Classic Limestone Once N A Blu Moon
Coachlight For Pete's Sake
Coachman's Crème Brulee
Cottondale Black Magic
Cranbrooke Doc's Handsome Dude
Cranbrooke Docs Pop'N Up Stars
Cranbrooke Special Delivery
Cyncar N South St Cowboy Up
Daisydot Dalmino Mi Corizon
Daisydot Give Me A Break
Dakota All That N Then Some
Dakota's Crossfire
Dakota's Faithfully Yours
Dakota's Fire on Mt Bryton
Dakota's Hot Mocha Dot
Dakota's Mischief Managed
Dakota's Where There's A Will
Dalmino's Caliente
Dalmino's Conquistador
Dalmino's Diablo
Dalmino's Salsa
Dalmino's Whoopdedo
Dalville Celtic Folklore
Daystar N Dakota Rhymer Reason
Dotzinks Black Label
Dotzinks ETS Freedom Of Pal
Dotzinks Street Smarts
Driftwood Most Triumphant Thyme
Erin's Wildwood Perfect Game
Escada's Court of Coach K
Esquires Trade Secret
Fiacre's Truth or Dare
Fiesa's Up Robbsdale's Alley
Folklore Dalville Abbey Road
Gallapade's Gale Force
Gemini N Insignia Native Star
Gemini Star Of Apollo
Gentry N Karefree Cadillac Jack
Gentry N Sunnyglen Against the Grain
Givens N AllStar Royally Regal
Glendale's Classy Sassy
Guardian Brave And Noble
Hardwynd CN Stars at Gramayre
Hardwynd Shootin Star
Hardwynd Star Navigator
Hattricks Play'N With Fire
Hattricks Power of My Heart
Highland's Caddy That Zigs
Highland's Kahula Mudslide
Highland's No Passing Zone
Highlands Zdar Leading the Way
HiSpots Magical Journey
HiSpot's Xhilliration
Hoo Doo's Play It Again
Hoo Doo's Resident Guru
HooDoo Dakota Don't Say A Word
JLS I Feel Good
JLS Just A Fig Newton
JLS Patience Times Two
Just-a-Wyn's April Fools
Just-a-Wyn's PT Cruiser
JVL's School Boy Heart
Karefree Topspot Elektric Slide
Karefree's Hotspot El Casanova
Kastle's Sacred Spirit
KMax Mapleaf J&B at JLS
Korcula Angel for Cassiopeia
Korcula Lyondal Aries Bret D
Korcula Lyondal Midnight Dynasty
Korcula Midnight Escada
Lakeshore Kodak Momnt N Tateland
Lakeshore's Fire and Rein
Lakeshore's Point Of Grace
Lilrue Daisydot Lover Boy
Lilrue Hearts A Fire Daisydot
Limestone All Things Considered
LRL ATLS Teracotta of Pal
Matchless Indian Summer
Matchless Morning Star Seeker
Monarch's Court Jester
Moorcroft's Masterpiece
Mt Bryton's Manhattan
Mt Bryton's Vino Con Marcas
North's Never Enough Fuun
North's No Doubt About It
Oakdal Firesprite & Folklore
Oakdal N Saratoga's TX Pickup
Oakdal Story's Summer Breeze
Old West Cowboy Take Me Away
Pacifica One More For the Road
Paisley Tailwind Best Brownie
Paisley's Power Play
Paisley's Promises Promises
Patchmt Find A Voice
Patchmtn C Pepper N Paisley
Patchmt's About Time
Pinnacle Courchevel Vizelle
Pinnacle K-Two Ascent
Pinnacle Wizard Express
Pinnacle's Angelfire Of Pal
Proctor N Tarbarr's Pog Mo Thoin
Proctor's Comic Starr
Proctor's Dappled Hi -Society
Proctor's Dapples Hi-Octane
Proctor's Starship Enterprise
Radagast Vinland Leapin' Liz
Rancho daiseydot Feel the Charge
Rancho Daisydot Cool Sensation
Ranchodaisydot Feelthecharge
Ravin's Keep Fm Sth St N Cncar
Ravin's Rolling Stone
Rim Rock's Heads I Win
Robbsdale Highlander Go West
Rock N Gentry Gold Rush Glory Bound
Satin N Harmony's Charmed I'm Sure
Satin N Harmony's Cimarron Kid
Satin N Snow Hill's Good to Go
Satin's Signature Required
Signature's Slipperry When Wet
Signature's Told You So
Sinature's Slippery When Wet
Siobahn N R-Dals Enchanted
Snow Hill Limestone Icon
Snow Hill Reigning Monarch
Snow Hill Sundance
Snow Hill's Fireflies At Rockstar
Snowhill Timebender
Snowood Chicago Koshare
Snowood Hi Cotton Tag You're It
Snowood Optimist Money Talks
So St's Sentimental Journey
South St N Cyncar's What U Seek
South Street's Izzy the One
South Streets Sew What
South Streets Splendor of Avalon
Spanner's Melody Macarena
Spice of Life of Pal
Splashes Sno Boarder of Daisydot
Splash's Sweet Dreams Of Daisydot
Spotchk N North Emerald Splash
Spotlight Pandamonium
Spotlight's Splendid
St Florian's American Muscle
Starcoach Hotrod Campaigner
Starwood's Heavenly Hannah
Starwood's Hope Floats
Starwood's Latte' Lydia
Starwood's Mack O' Million
Starwood's Unforgettable
Stone Hills He's A Challenge
Storytym Sir Oakdal
Sunnyoaks Joy For Sunrunner
SunnyOak's Makin Whopee
SunnyOaks Spicen' It Up
Tagalongs Hearts on Fire
Tapestry Quicksilver Kiss Me Kate
TCJ Fancy Foot Work
Thidwick Diesel
Thidwick Tourist Attraction
Timeless Tailwind To Snowood
Topspot Karefree High Voltage
Tovarich Heart And Soul
Tpstry-QKSLVR Showboat
Tramac Joyride'N With Spotlite
Tramac Just a Wink and a Smile
Tramac Just Walk'N On Sunshine
Troika N Zdar The Bishop
Troika Snow Hill As You Like It
Troika's Adagio
Troika's C'N Spots
Troika's Latest Gambit
Troika's Robin Goodfellow
Troika's Tempest
Tuckaway Encore
Tucwinn's Music on the Horizon
Van-Dal's N'Givens Angelina
Vinland's Archangel O'Radagast
Vinland's Gesabelle O'Radagast
Weeways Daz Dot Velvet Angel
Weeways Winged Foot Prince
Whirlwind's Walk This Way
Woodwynd Ghost Of Gotha
Woodwynd Hocus Pocus
Woodwynd How Ya Like It Glendale
Xanadu Nspird Ooh La La


All Around Meant To Be O'Pal
Anticipation Here's Lucy!
Anticipation Hour Remembrnce
Bearded Oaks Perfect Alibi
Bearded Oaks Picasso
Blackflash All the Right Moves
Blackflash Midnight Star
Blackthorn Coreopis Of Patchmt
Blackthorn's Violet Of Patchmt
Blue Moon Over Ravin
Bridlewise All The Right Moves
Brio Del Rey's Comet
Canalside's Keeping The Faith
Cardel Tomake's Tempest Fugit
Cardel Topspot Time For Fireside
Centurion Forty Carat Rock
Centurion Lady Abigail
Challenge's Spirit Of Cleopatra
Cottondale Cardhill Campari
Dakota Salutes Hopi Kachina
Dakota's Diagon Alley
Dapper-Dan's Dancer Of Blackthorn
Dotzinks Kiss The Girls
Driftwood N Edgewood Rockstar
Eclipse Bobbie Jones
Eclipse The Masters
Erin N Wildwd Fair Advocate
Fiesta's Lady Robbsdale
Five Alarm He's A Who
Hallmark Lola Pistola
Hispot's Hands Down
JLS Miss America
JLS Killcreek Egxactly Best
KMax Mapleaf Glenmorangie
Koira Fyrlyte Magic Happens RN OA OAJ
Lakeshore's Makin' Whoopie
Limestone Hunter's Moon
Lrl Atls Leathernlace Of Pal
Melody Like A Rock
Monarch Of Hollyhead Inn
Motion Makers Made Good Time
Motion Makers U'Neek
Nspird Xanadu High Tide
On The Spots Limited Edition
Paisley Nspird By Broadway
Patchmt Celtic Wanderer
Patchmt Kelly's Sunshine
Rancho Nspird Boogie Board
Rising Star's Book Marked
Rockstar Ruffian At Brightspot
Rockstar's Reconsider Me
Shamrock N Erin Livin'Lavida Loca
Snowood Honeylane Flash Fire
Snowood Paisley Synergy
Snowood Rum Runner
Snw Hil Ant Dashin Dal Kitty
South St Gypsy In The Palace
Splash's Moonlight Warrior
Spotlight Spontaneous
Spotlihgt Coach Mckenzie
Spotsafire Nspird By Xanadu
Starcoach Diva Annie
Storytym Never Done Page
Topwinn La Purchase Of Pal
Tracin Jazzed From The Start
Tramac Jump Wiggle'N Squeak
Xanadu Nspird Bayberry
Xterra'N'Erin's Moonlight Sonata

November 2006 - December 2007

Agape Smithforged Lets Dance
All Around Fiesta Sight Unseen
Andiron's Clear as a Bell
Anticipation Illumination
ATLS Star Run Chermar's Bogart
Bay Colony Prairie Inn Black Ice
Bay Colony's You Don'y Say
BlackFlash Thunder Rolls
Blackthorn's Flower Power
Bottoms Up Calypso Castaway
Cardel Mississippi Blew By U
Cardel's Southern Charm
Cassiopeia Summer In The Spring
Centurion Crystal
Centurion Liberty Burstin
Centurion Ruby Cluster
Challenge N Gentry Cardel Rose
Cimarron Summit Baby Im Amazed
Cranbrooke Forever'N Blue Jeans
Dalmino Mister Goodbar
Dashing's All Fired Up
Dashing's Rising Star at Picotee
Denell's Divine Miss M
Dotter's Cutting Edge
Dotter's Jumping Jeter
Dotzink Robdle Meet Me At the Copa
Eclipse The Oaks Insignia
Erin' N Crestlan's Mystical Galaxy
Erin's It's All About Attitude
Fiacre's Cover Girl
Fiesta Firemans Hijo De Zapata
Fireman and Fiesta Snow Yeti
Folklore C & C Getr Dun Gretchn
Folklore's Sparkling Star
Hallmark Lonestar Trail
Highland's Charmed One
Highland's Go for the Gold
Highland's Seeing in Blk & Wht
HiSpots Know When To Hold'EM
HiSpot's Simply Sublime
Insignia Centurion Ferrious Oxide
JLS Sabrina Fair
JLS Taking the High Road
Kalon Blackberry Coasttcoast
Kalon's So St Silver at Kadenz
Karefree's Cote Des Blancs
Karefree's Giovanna At Milledals
Karefree's Shadow Lace Cabernet
Koira Redrk Radagast the Brown
Laurel Atlantis Chermar's Diva
Lin-Dal's Maxx Kakl 
Matchless Heir Apparent
Monarch N Snow Hill's Mosaic
MT Wyldfyr Folklore N Firesprite
Mt. Bryton's Covert Operative
NspirD Hollywood Legend
Nspird N Odyssey Coppertone Tan
NspirD Show Stopper
Nspird Spotsafire It's A wrap
Penwiper's Afternoon Delight
Penwiper's Dream Weaver
PHD's Kyss N Tell
Pinnacle's Charlotte Amalie
Pinnacle's Monserrat Courchevel
Pokatalica Bret D Lil Hot Spot
Pokatalica Southern Chic BretD
Proctor's Classic Whirlwind
Proctor's Dappled Rhythm N the Rain
Ravin N Harmony's Wiseguy
RK's N Xterra's Into The Groove
Rockstar Snow Hill Priority Mail
Siobahn N Rim Rock's Poole Girl
Smithforged Agape King Of the Road
Snowood Dalena Legally Blonde
Snowood Dora-Bella.
Snowood Hot Rod Henry
Snowood Optimist Charmed Dotter
South St's Hope N Inspiration
Splash's Moonlight Rhapsody
Splash's Nspird Over Z Moon
Spotlight's Starling
Spotted Gem's Emerald Isle
Starcoach Cabriolet
Starwood's Willow by the Sea
Stone Hill's Blu Lite Special
SunnyOaks Play'n Polo
SunnyOaks Ready To Rumba
TarBarr's Ag Seidradh Deatach
Thunder and Lightng at Pinnacle
Thunder Rolls Across th Plains
Thunder Storms A Comin
Timeless Dals Venus of Robbsdale
TNG'S The Untouchable at DXL
Topwin Noboy Does It Better of Pal
Topwinn's Fame and Fortune of Pal
Topwinn's Mr. Incredible of Pal
Tramac N Winston's Johnny Quest
Tramac Plenty of Moxie
Troika Serendipity
Troika's Escape Velocity
Vinland's X-travaganza
Woodwynd Holy Terror
Woodwynd Vueve Clicquot


Angeldotz-TNG California Darlin
Angel's Nest Traces of Love
Anticipation Acceleration
Beachcomber's Customs Find
Bearded Oaks Bayside Arrive N Style
Bearded Oaks Tahoe
Bearded Oaks What's In a Name
Blackthorn Lucas' Legend
Bret D Gabriel's Lost Art
Bridlewise Hearts Desire
Choco Chip Some Beach
Dakota's Shades of Winter
DJ's Through The Looking Glass
Dreamworks Benn Around The World
Driftwood Breakfast at Tiffany's
Driftwood Wink and a Smile
Dromgoole HooDoo's Sweet Bentley
Empire's Time Will Tell
Erin N Gibson's Belle at Spothill
Erin N Sparkyanna's First Cut
Esquire's Tactical Aviator
Five Alarm Tovarich Bling Bling
Five Alarm Tovarich FlashGordon
Folklore Matchless Sterling
Frankly Ravin's Best Hispot
Glen Oaks FireKeeper
Glen Oaks N HatTrick Tinkerbell
Gotspotz Simply Irresistible
Hallmark Lincoln Lego
Hallmark Main Attraction
Hallmark N Hansom Leading Lady
HatTrick's Visual Voodoo
Highland's Solid Gold
HiSpot's Cause for Applause
HiSpots Repeat Performance
HooDoo LuckyCharm of Dromgoole
Horizon Liberty JLS Roll the Dice
Insignia's Krypto The Super Dog
JLS Killcreek Last Boy Scout
JLS Takin Bets At Paradox
Kalon Eztospot Chasing Whatnot
Kastle's Cashmere Mist
Kingdom Called to Duty
Kingdom's Twist Of Fate
Koira Consider It Magic
Koira Shall We Dance
Lakeshore's Tail Of Two Cities
London's Stormford Brook
Madison's Strawberry Fields
Monarch 'n Canal-Sides Prophecy
On the Spot's Million Dollar Baby
OntheSpot's Ravin about Johnny
Paisley Elan Special Effects
PHD's Pay It Foward
Pinnacle's Where Dreams Are Born
Pokatalica's Moonstruck in Malibu
Polaris N Dalminos Mostly Sunnie
Proctor's Dappled Hi-Jinks
Rashars Remember When
Red Coach BretD Casino Royal
Robbsdale's Lucky Charm
Robinwood Roland on the River
Rockledge's Little Cottonwood
Rockstar All Around Road Trip
Rockstar Cottondale Oui Oui
Rockstar Snow Hill Full Tilt Boogie`
Rockstar Thanewood Freewheeling
Royalty's Pearls On Montazh
Royalty's Splash Of Taylor
Satin's Keep'M Laugh'N
Snow Hill Timeless Monarch
Snowood Snap Shot
South St Mercedes In The Fastlane 
South Street N Batside U Nique
Splash's South St Supercharger
Spotlight By Design
Spotlight Caliente
Spotlight N Dakota Gryffin
Spotlight's Ruffian
Spotlite-Tramac Daimler
Spotted Gem's South Sea Pearl
Spottedwondr's Hansom Legend
Starchart's Calypso
Sterling Folklore Dharma For One
Stone Hills Deep Dark N Rich
Sunnyoaks St. Florian's Fangio
Timeless Crown Lady Snowood
TimelessDals Apollo
Troika's American Classic Bret D
Troika's Surfer Girl
Troika's Transit of Venus
Troika's Wild Strawberries
Vinland's Vixen
Woodwynd Glendale The Big Cheese
Woodwynd Rosa Regale
Woodwynd Tea Thyme @ Hardrock
Xanadu's Bonaparte


Amethyst Please Remember Me By Alfredich
Amethyst The Last Dollar
Anticipation Acclamation
Avalon's Couture For Royalty
Bay Colony N Zdar Sojouner
Bay Colony Wedgewood Zdar Bard
Bearded Oaks Takes Two To Tango
Black Diamond's Where Art Thou
BottomsUp Tuckaway Big Spender
Bret D Sentry's Ringmaster
Bret D Sentry's Ringmaster
Bridlewise Curious Blitz
Brightspot RagsToRiches
Cassiopeia Major Pride of the South
Cetina Kalon Brynn There Done That
Choco Chip Krash Asteroid RN
Dakota's Book Of Magical Theory
Dakota's Potions Master
Dakota's Secret Keepter
Dalarodo Dotzink Bond
Dalmino's Mata Hari
Dashing's Fire Flower
Diamond Music Man Of Pal
Dotzink N Tucwinn's Lion Hearted
Driftwood Sallies Forth
Erin N Advocate's Maisie Dobbs
Erin's Lovmy Country Gentleman
Firesprite Folklore Funtastic
Folklore Firesprite Hi Fashion
Glen Oaks FireKeeper
Glendale's To Be Or Not To Be RN
Hallmark Full Throttle Rocker
Hattrick N RiverRd's Gotta Fly
Insignia IndyGeaux Dotts
JLS Freckled Fig Bar None
Kalon's Bundle Of Joy
Kastle's Go Speed Racer
Koira Guardian Of The Longbow
Liberty's Shake Down the Thunder
London's Foggy Mist CD RE
Mainstreet's Saphire Of Hoodoo
Mcdottie's Tasting The Rainbow
Melody Midnight Rhythm
Melody My Way
Melody Sublime
On The Spot's Love Me Tender
Paisley Glamour Girl by Elan
Paisley Hammets Hero by Elan
Pinnacle's Facinating Rhythm
Proctors Dppld Twelveoclock Hi
Rashars Nutmeg & Cinnamon
RedCoach Tapestry Promise Kept
Rim Rock N Siobahn Keepin' Bizzi
Rimrock N Siobahn That Wood Be Me
Rk's N Xterra's Let It Ride
Robbsdale's Hot Cocoa of Pal
Rockledge's NspirD Luxor
Rockledge's NspirD Monte Carlo
Rockstar's Jewel Thief
Rockstar's Whole Lotta Trouble
S.Xposur N Dynastys Chasin Neon Rain
Shamrock N S. Xposur Rocketman
Shenandal's Simply Elegant
Smiln Dal's Color My World
Snowood Honeylane Fire Queen
SnowoodHoneylane Trial by Fire
South St Windjammer's and Bret D's Night and Day
Spotlight Devine
Star Run Atlantis Red Truck
Starcoach One Is Enough
Starseeker N Brooksides Belagio
Starwood's National Treasure
Sunnyoaks A Bit 'O Blarney
Sunnyoaks Hitting The High Point
SunnyOaks N Yankee Dal's House That Ruth Built
Sunnyoaks St Florian Literati's Compass Rose
SunnyOaks Stealin' The Stage
SunnyOaks Tickled Pink
Sunrunner Mapleaf Ode to Joy
Thidwick Fizzys Goes To Eleven
TimelessDals Tanana
TNG's Flightplan
Topspot's Karefree Emerald Isle
Tramac Call Me Karefree'N Cardel
Tramac Justa Weebit Spicy
Volunteer's Enchanted Hart
Z's Nspird Back In Black


CH Angel's Nest Southern Gent
CH Anticipation Acclamation
CH Anticipation Jackpot Of M And M
CH Avalon's Couture For Royalty
CH Bay Colony N Tucwinn So Far So Good
CH Bay Colony Whitecap N Zdar So Beit
CH Bayside N South Street The Proof Is In The Heir
CH Black Diamond He's Bonafide
Ch Chequers JLS Tres Cool
CH Choco Chip Bay Colony Sojourner Whatever It Is
CH Choco Chip Ready To Run
CH Country Luvz A Rockstar
CH Country N Cetina Ive Been Everywhere
CH Cranbrooke Back To The Future
CH Dakota Kamada Stormwatch
CH Dalmino Troika Abracadabra
CH Dalmino's Secret Agent Man
CH Dotzink Nspird Hit Me With Ur Best Spot
CH Folklore's Fantasy Tour
CH Green Starr's Time Traveler
CH Hansom Caballero
CH Highland's Chosen One
CH Hollyhead Ravin Bellatrix
Ch Hollytree JLS Twilight Twinkle
CH JLS Almonds & Taffy
CH Juju's Bewitching Bailiwick
CH Juju's Breakaway Lance At Rockledge
CH Kalon's Bundle Of Joy
CH Karefree Topspot Tidal Wave
CH Kastle's Go Speed Racer
CH Koira Charmed Magic
CH Lakeshore's Bright Side Of The Road CD RE
CH Motion Maker's All About Me
CH Mt. Bryton's Copa Cabana
CH Paisley Photo Finish
CH Paisley Photo Op
CH Paisley Presumptuous With Elan
CH Patchmt Spring Thyme At Blackthorn TD
CH Peach States Masked Man RN
CH Penwiper's Power Surge
CH Pokatalica Dill Valley Riverrun
CH Pokatalica 'N Monarch's Queen B
CH Pokatalicas Bret D Malibu Sensation
CH Proctor's C" Breeze Cassandra"
CH Proctor's Dappled Hi-Note
CH Questa 'N Robbsdale Winsome Lass
CH Ravin's Marco The Explorer
CH Red Coach Promises Star Ryder
CH Rim Rock N Siobahn Have A Ball
CH Rim Rock N Siobahn's Heads Up
CH Rk's N Xterra's Let It Ride
CH Rk's N Xterra's National Treasure
CH Rockstar Phoenix Written In The Stars
CH Shenandal's Simply Unique RN
CH Snowood Crystal Blue Persuasion
CH Snowood Paisley Duncan Disorderly
CH Snowood Paisley Rio Azul
CH Snowood Spirited Double Ipa
CH South Street Bayside Mai Kiki
CH South Street Deva Las Vegas
CH Spotted Gem's Gaelic Amethyst
CH Starchart's Cassiopeia By Paisley
CH Starwood's Orient Express
CH Sterling Saratoga Son Of A Gun
CH Sunrunner Jaker Sweet Dude
CH Sweetspot Ht2sptbestbothworlds
CH Thidwick Aura
CH Thidwick Hot Hot Cocoa
CH Timeless Hear It Again CD RN TD
CH Triple Crown By Givens N Allstar
CH Troika Trueblood
CH Volunteer's Enchanted Hart
CH Winston's Green Hornet
CH Winston's Pretty In Pink
CH Woodwynd Model Tea
CH Woodwynd Sweet Tea

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