Futurity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. Q.  Who can nominate a bitch for the Futurity?
    A. Any member in good standing in DCA may nominate a bitch.
  2. Q. Can I nominate a bitch if I am not a DCA member but my co-breeder is a DCA member?
    A. You cannot nominate but your co-breeder can nominate.
  3. Q. For what year should I nominate a bitch?
    A. The nomination year is based on the year a puppy will be eligible to compete at the DCA Futurity.
  4. Q. What should I do to nominate a bitch when 2 sires are involved?
    A. Each dam/sire combination must be individually nominated.
  5. Q. What constitutes a valid nomination?
    A. A valid nomination requires 2 things, complete information in all the fields of the nomination form, and a payment submitted before the bitch whelps or the pup reaches four months.
  6. Q. What are the nomination deadlines?
    A. A bitch nomination must be postmarked before the whelp date. A puppy nomination must be postmarked on or before the 4 month birth date. The postmark establishes the date of nomination.
  7. Q. What can I do if I am facing a nomination deadline?
    A. Use the on-line nomination system and submit payment on–line. The on-line payment is the postmark.
  8. Q. What exceptions are allowed for late nominations?
    A. There are no exceptions.
  9. Q. Should I send a nomination via Express Mail?
    A. No. The postmark determines the date sent, Express mail is not needed.
  10. Q. What if I need to know if the nomination was received?
    A. Save your confirmation letter you will receive within 2 weeks or save your email confirmation you will receive if you used the on-line system.
  11. Q. How will I know when a nomination is accepted?
    A. A confirmation will be returned to the nominator with a bitch nomination number or a puppy nomination number.
  12. Q. How soon can I expect to receive a confirmation?
    A. Within 14 days.
  13. Q. Why did I never receive an email confirmation for my bitch or puppy nomination?
    A. Many spam blockers block the word bitch. Check your spam or junk mail folder. You may want to teach your spam filter to allow the word bitch.
  14. Q. Do I need to save the confirmation numbers that are returned to me?
    A. Yes, the bitch nomination number is needed to nominate a puppy.
  15. Q. What should I do if I lose my bitch confirmation number?
    A. Contact the Futurity chairman.
  16. Q. Can I nominate a puppy before I apply for its AKC registration papers or before the AKC returns the registration?
    A.  Yes, do not wait if it will push you past the pups four month birthday. Use a place holder name and AKC number when you nominate. However you must provide the chairman the correct name and number before the list of nominated puppies is sent to the superintendent.
  17. Q. What should I do if I change the puppy’s name after it is nominated?
    A. All name changes must be forwarded to the chairman.
  18. Q. Does a bitch nomination carry an obligation to nominate puppies?
    A. No.


Please direct any questions to Futurity Chairman

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